Thursday, November 17, 2011

Painting... not exactly that popular either.  It has a decent amount of students interested in it, but by far, drawing and the 3-D (sculpture and clay) stations are the most sought after.  I'm not sure what to do about this...I suppose, 1. that I should wait it out until the end of the quarter to see if enough people cycle through each station, or 2.  reconsider the layout of my room.  Currently I've got the 5 stations set up in the room, and am limiting the amount of students at each station, ideally 6, but have been allowing up to 8 at each station.  And when they are done with that station, they get up and move to another.  I like the idea of stations, but am starting to wonder if I should make the stations on the perimeter of the room and then the students can sit where ever they normally would and just bring their materials to where they are sitting?  But I'm hesitant to move the materials away from a central location because I really think that is working VERY well.  Mess is contained, everyone knows where the materials are and cleanup seems to go so much faster.  Hmmm...some stuff to think on I suppose! 

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