Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Here's my landscape for now...

 So as I understand it, working in a choice based room requires you to/needs you to have stations set up in your room that represent the different media or materials the students have a choice of.  As part of my documentation process, I wanted to get a picture of what my landscape (room) looks like right now and then see how it changes once I incorporate the stations into my room.  So here's what it looks like right now, and I'll keep you updated on what changes!

I'm very fortunate to have a nice sized room with ample workspace for the students.  Currently it is nice and open and I hope to be able to keep it that way so I can maintain a clear view around the room and keep any discipline problems at a minimum.  

The room has a wall of shelving for storage of work that is in process.  Usually this is a pretty good amount of storage space, but when the projects start to get a little big, and an entire class is doing big projects, the floor surrounding the shelves starts to get taken over sometimes.  :)

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